Dunlop Latex Base Cores
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Dunlop Latex Base Cores

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Our introductory line of latex base cores are economically priced and are European made with 15% Natural, 85% Synthetic…. 100% Pure Latex Rubber with NO additives or non-latex FILLERS used. The Mono Zone Dunlop latex design assures consistent feel and compression throughout. Available in Firm #36 ILD and Medium #32.

Mono zone Latexco latex core

Made in Belgium by Latexco products which are dust mite resistant, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, eco friendly, bio-degradable, etc. 6" thick. King and Cal. King are shipped in 2 pieces, left side and right side due to its weight. Queen, Full, Twin and TwinXL are all one piece cores.

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