How to Build a DIY Mattress with Pocket Coil, Latex or Poly-Foam

Our website is about showing you how you can save money by building your own DIY mattress using some or all of our mattress components. We will show you how to take apart your existing mattress and perhaps resurrect several of its components used in your new DIY mattress build which means you won't have thrown all your money down the mattress rabbit hole.

DIY Pocket Coil with Latex Mattress

Why Mattresses Fail

Watch our interview with ABC News about why today's mattresses fail-


As you've probably noticed almost all of today's mattresses are no-flip which is mattress speak for "wears out really fast". Of course it's sold as a convenience for you because the mattress now has higher quality components making it more durable than it's reversible predecessors right? Yeah, that's what they want you to believe but of course in the end it's just about planned obsolescence and you returning to buy another mattress within 5 years.

Pillow top mattresses are designed to fail, sure they are comfy in the beginning but that honeymoon is short lived as most of you have already experienced. The problem is that all the soft stuff on top needs a chance to recover which is why back in the old days (10 years ago) they still made them 2 sided allowing the fibers and foams to resume their shape. But those beds were lasting too long so the no-flip took over the market and your wallet.

How to Bring Back Your Old Bed to Life

If they would only make a pillow top bed that had a replaceable topper, but then you wouldn't need to buy a whole new bed when it starts to sag, just a new topper. That concept will never work, at least not in today's disposable mattress world. But what if I could show you a way to get there by using some of your existing mattress components?

In our video tutorials I will show you how to take apart your existing bed and evaluate what is good and what needs to replacing. If you have a spring bed the chances are very good the springs are still good and perhaps some of the foam too, just the cushy stuff on top needs replacing and of course the cover you are going to tear off. Cushy stuff and a new zippered cover is a lot cheaper than a whole new mattress.


Perhaps you have an older Tempur bed or other type of foam mattress. I'll show you how to tear out the top foam and replace it with cooler and more durable latex foam. I'll show you how to put on our zippered mattress cover and bring your old bed back to life and even improve it. Even if you have newer mattress-in-a-box that has already developed impressions (yes, that will happen with most) I will show you how to fix that as well.

Building a Whole DIY Mattress from Scratch

Let's say that you don't trust any of the mattress makers anymore and just want to do it yourself with components you have researched online. We can help you to acquire all the ingredients for your mattress build from companies you can trust. Our 40 years experience in the mattress industry and 20 years online is not to be taken lightly. We have eliminated the marginal players and only carry products from those manufacturers who have proven themselves over decades and offer the best price and performance.

To start with you just choose if you want a poly foam base core, a pocket coil spring base or an all latex base. Then you can add either one or 2 layers of latex for your comfort choice. The most common is one 3" layer of either soft, medium for firm latex. Some people like to be able to move layers around to tweak the comfort and those will usually get a firm or medium 2" and another 2" of soft to go over it. This way if the soft is too soft you can move it under the firm or medium topper and change the overall feel to firmer. No right or wrong way to do it. Then you just need a zippered cover to finish it off. If you choose for example a 6" poly foam core and 2 layers of 2" latex then you would need a 10" cover. If you went with our 8" combi zone spring and 3" of latex you would need an 11" cover. Any way you design it we can make a cover to fit.