Save $$$ with DIY Mattress Components

Tired of sagging mattresses? Wondering why nothing last anymore? Guess what, it's all by design or lack of it. Let me show you a way you can finally get exactly what you want by building your own mattress with our high quality DIY mattress components. Whether it's latex, spring, or foam, we've got the components and advice you need to create a comfortable and long-lasting DIY mattress and along the way you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

How to build an Ultimate Hybrid Mattress

It's not the springs that usually fail on today's mattresses, it's the crap on top. Inferior quality foams and fibers all lead to massive failure with today's pillow top mattresses. Replace that with high quality latex over a state of the art zoned pocket coil spring and you've got the worlds best Ultimate Hybrid mattress and you can define the firmness based on several choices for the top layer or layers.