DIY Combi-Zoned Pocket Coil Spring
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DIY Combi-Zoned Pocket Coil Spring

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If you are planning to build your own spring mattress or hybrid mattress this 8" zoned pocketed coil spring system by Leggett and Platt is a crucial piece to your mattress build. With firmer coils in the center third of its three zones, Combi-Zone provides extra back support that aids in spinal alignment. The unique zoning configuration of the fabric-encased coils means you get greater density combined with ideal firmness, comfort, and spring action.


Quantum ® Edge Steel Perimeter features revolutionary, narrow- diameter Quantum coils that form a perimeter around the mattress, providing comfortable support all the way to the edge of the bed. • Exclusive Fine Wire Technology ™ by Leggett & Platt creates a low-diameter wire that achieves an unprecedented level of comfort and support. • More working wire flexes, responds, and supports all body types, weights, and shapes. There are actually 3 wire gauges in the QE Combi-Zone®. 16 gauge narrow diameter perimeter coils. 17 gauge narrow diameter coils through center 1/3 and 14 gauge larger diameter coils on both sides of center 1/3. • The steel perimeter offered by Quantum Edge provides better support than foam, reducing the feeling of roll-off at the edge of the bed. The Combi-zone spring unit is compatible with adjustable bases.

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