DIY Foam Base Core - CertiPur-US
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DIY Foam Base Core - CertiPur-US

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Economical poly foam 6" base core is a great choice for any DIY mattress build on an extreme budget. This is the same type core 1.9 lb #31 ILD (Medium-Firm) used by all the major bed-in-a-box companies and is Certi-Pur-US compliant. Just add a 3" latex topper of your choice and zippered cover and you have a great feeling mattress that you've put together the way you want it, not what others tell you you should have (one firmness does NOT fit all). You can even request the topper to be of different firmness on the left side vs. the right side to accommodate those  couples needing such a feature.

The foam is made by Future Foam in California which sells Certi-Pur-Us certified poly foam. To learn more about it watch the video below -


 If you already own a good quality topper then just put this core under it, add our zippered cover of the proper height and you've completed your DIY mattress and saved a ton of money in the process. Having a zippered cover means that down the road if your topper happens to fail you can easily replace it. Toppers take most of the wear and tear on any mattress meaning the base core or spring is still in great shape and will last for many more years.

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